Dionne Beckner

Dionne Beckner has 20 in the healthcare industry, with 15 of those years in management where she has served in various Manager and Director-level positions. She has an extensive background in operations, admissions, materials management, inventory controls, purchasing, training, compliance, shipping & receiving, environmental services, billing and accounts payable. In her management roles, she has also been responsible for process improvement, special projects and client/vendor relationships.

She has been responsible for managing the daily operations of several departments, including Material, as well as Admissions. She has been engaged with exercises and drills that were conducted by the hospital, and has experience identifying supplies that were needed as part of her hospital hurricane planning initiatives. She is a recognized team-builder, and is well versed on employee coaching and engagement. Her responsibilities include managing her departments budget, and ensuring that all state and joint commission guidelines are met, as well as compliance with division and hospital policies.

Mrs. Beckner is looking forward to achieving an MBA.

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