Expert Court Testimony

Expert Court Testimony

Accidents and incidents occur, with some resulting in legal actions. Plaintiffs and defendants alike may secure experts to be part of their legal teams, to perform certain tasks to mine information so that the facts of the case are understood.

These tasks can include visiting the areas where the accident or incident occurred, interviewing witnesses, and gathering asset and property information. These experts can be tasked with requesting design drawings, specifications, installation and maintenance records, and training documents. As the circumstances are investigated, all of these gathered records and documents will need to be evaluated, and compared with applicable rules and regulations, and industry practices.

Critical Preparedness, LLC has experienced professionals that have conducted accident and incident investigations spanning many years. These professionals have interviewed countless individuals, and have sought and secured the information that was needed to ensure that the root causes of the accident or incident were unveiled. It is only after understanding the root cause and related circumstances that led to an accident or incident, that one can identify opportunities to address and improve upon a product, procedure, or training deficiency.

These investigations include:

  • Interviews
  • Forensic investigations
  • Identification and evaluation of relevant documents
  • Identification of root cause(s)
  • Court Testimony

Critical Preparedness, LLC has the investigative and expert credentials to support your legal team, getting to the true facts that resulted or contributed to your accident or incident.

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