Utility Operations

Utility Operations

Are you considering a utility-centric project and are looking to engage seasoned utility professionals?  Or maybe you are considering a utility merger & acquisition, or the filing of a rate case.  We can support all of these projects, no matter how large or small.

Our utility consultants have successfully supported countless special projects, including leading specific merger teams for several fortune 500 utility mergers.  We have supported rate case filings, the rewriting of tariffs, and the development of hundreds of millions of dollars in capital portfolios.

Our consultants have also supported projects for EPRI, CEATI, EEI, APPA, and NRECA.  Whether an investor-owned, public power, cooperative, or private equity, we have the experience to support your utility project.

Utility-centric Projects:

  • Storm Process Development
  • Metrics Development
  • Capital Portfolio Development
  • Project Management
  • Management Review
  • Process Review
  • Staffing Audits
  • Supply Chain Audits

Utility-related Projects:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Due Diligence
    • Asset Health
    • Policy Review
    • Merging of policies
    • Training
  • Regulatory Audits
  • Rate Case Support

Critical Preparedness, LLC has the capabilities to support your utility operations needs, whether it be to merge with another utility, or to audit your existing policies. Our utility operations capabilities are:

  • Determine through due diligence the asset health of merging utilities
  • Assist your organization design and manage the implementation of new processes
  • Conduct compliance audits for your existing policies
  • Assist your staff develop and validate a robust capital portfolio

Critical Preparedness, LLC can support your utility operations needs.  So if you are interested in engaging with seasoned utility operations professionals, no matter the size of your utility, please give us a call.

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