Physical Security

Physical Security

Facility Physical Security is the security measures that are designed and deployed to deny or deter unauthorized access to facilities, and serve as a critical component to the security of a facility. Whether that facility operates as a port, refinery, or office building, sound physical security measures are required to protect personnel and property from damage or harm. Threats can take many forms, and can range from theft, espionage, or a terrorist attack. Physical security practices are based on designing and having multiple layers of protection, known as protection in depth. A bad actor would have to defeat each layer to reach the protected area.

These layers can include perimeter fencing, lighting, CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, access control, bollards, perimeter intrusion detection, deterrent systems, and other systems designed to protect persons and property. Although not tangible, robust processes such as package and material delivery protocols, guest escort protocols, and an employee awareness program can further strengthen a facilities overall physical security program.

Our Services:

  • Conduct Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA)
  • Conduct Risk and Physical Security Surveys
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Countermeasures Analysis
  • CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)
  • Develop Intelligence Programs
  • Develop and Deliver Employee Awareness Programs
  • Physical Security Penetration Tests (Social Engineering and Human Manipulation protocol)
  • Adversary Attack Planning

We recognize the many physical security professionals that have honed their physical security design and evaluation skills while serving in the military, or while employed by federal or local law enforcement agencies. We ourselves will utilize these talented individuals on our security projects. We are committed to deliver a quality product to our clients, so besides the use of talented professionals, every physical project or program that we submit will be approved by either a Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) or Physical Security Professional (PSP®).

Critical Preparedness, LLC has both the experienced professionals and industry credentials to evaluate, design and manage your physical security projects and programs. Call us for a free consultation.

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