Hostile Incident Preparedness

Are you considering updating or implementing a ‘Hostile Incident’, ‘Workplace Violence’, or ‘Active Shooter’ policy?

Maybe you have a policy but want to develop training sessions or conduct an exercise for your employees?  We have the professionals to support all aspects of your program.

We have mapped out the various ‘Hostile Incident Preparedness’ processes and have engaged the appropriate professionals.  These are experienced professionals, not just someone that trains on the topics.

Our program includes instructing on Mental Health and Precursor indicators (Mental Health professional), Policy Development (former FBI agent), Exercise Development (Master Exercise Practitioner), conducting in-person Drills and Exercises (retired Police Officer, a retired SWAT Officer, and a retired Assistant Fire Chief), and training on Crisis Incident First Aid (retired Federal Supervisory Special Agent).

If you are serious about preparing for a ‘Hostile Incident’, we have the professional team to support your initiative.

Anthony Hurley (Partner) is registered for the Audit Discipline and Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Discipline with the Texas School Safety and Security Consultant Registry, which is mandated by Texas Education Code 37.2091.

Hostile Incident-centric Projects

  • Mental Health Program
  • Corporate Policies
  • Evacuation / Shelter-in-Place Procedures
  • Design Drills and/or Exercises
  • Facilitate Drills and/or Exercises
  • Train on Crisis Incident First Aid

Our ‘Hostile Incident’ Team

  • Mental Health Professional
  • Former FBI Special Agent / Law Enforcement Officer
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officer
  • Retired Federal Supervisory Special Agent
  • Retired SWAT Officer
  • Retired Assistant Fire Chief
  • Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP)

Critical Preparedness, LLC has the professionals and capabilities to support your organizations Hostile Incident Preparedness needs.

Our team of professionals can:

  • Train your team on Mental Health and Precursor indicators
  • Develop or evaluate your Hostile incident related Policies
  • Develop your Evacuation or Shelter-in-Place Policies
  • Design your Hostile Incident Drill or Exercise
  • Coordinate and Conduct in-person Drills and Exercises
  • Train your staff on Crisis Incident First Aid

Critical Preparedness, LLC can support your organization or agencies needs.  So, if you are interested in engaging with seasoned professionals, no matter the size of your organization, please give us a call.

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