The Traditional ‘layered’ approach to physical security are physical barriers, with the outmost perimeter layer being fencing and barriers, or natural obstacles such as creeks and landscaped walls. The intermediate layer are usually the building exteriors, protected by access-controlled doors or security personnel. The inner most layer are the building interior rooms, with compartmentalized design, controlled door and elevator access, and technology which restricts access to certain internal areas and rooms.

Our three (3) webinars will explore the three (3) concepts of the Advanced ‘layered’ approach.

Awareness Programs

TBD 1Q 2024

Awareness Programs empower employees, contractors, neighbors, and vendors to serve as a layer of security just outside of your facility’s physical perimeters.


TBD 2Q 2024

Partnerships with similar sectors, other security professionals, law enforcement, and homeland security professionals, allow you to receive and share intelligence information and concerns, and validate that your countermeasures and protocols are appropriate for the current threat status.


TBD 3Q 2024

Intelligence Programs, which you can develop, access and evaluate, can serve as your outermost layer.  It provides your security organization with trends and models that allow you to evaluate your security plans and determine if your measures are appropriate.  If not, in advance you may want to revise if warranted.