Donna Hurley

Donna Hurley has 29 years of administrative and management experience working for manufacturers which were small businesses. To meet client expectations, Donna supported the design and implementation of ISO-9001, which included the writing of all ISO-compliant procedures and employee training material, and the training of employees. She was responsible for internal ISO audits, and interfacing with the ISO compliance consultant.

Her managerial experience includes ISO-9001 Compliance, QA/QC, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Logistics, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Customer Service, Payroll, and Sales. The experience of each of these assignments, coupled with her 3 decades of experience, has provided her with the unique skills to be successful throughout her career. Every opportunity built upon her previous experiences, and further prepared her for future opportunities. One of my more rewarding responsibilities was the initiative to implement ISO 9001, which included the training of personnel, compliance and auditing.

Donna has been engaged with numerous charity organizations including the American Red Cross, New Neighbors League, and the American Cancer Society. She also volunteers for Non-Profit Organizations, many in support of Cerebral Palsy. For all of these charity and non-profit organizations, Donna has been instrumental in organizing and coordinating charity auctions and fundraisers. Her true philanthropy passion is for individuals with Special Needs, which she feels is something simply amazing to experience.

Under her leadership, as a way to give ‘back to the community’, Donna intends to provide free consulting services to local non-profit organizations that support individuals with Special Needs. Critical Preparedness, LLC will offer professional consulting services to those non-profit organizations, such as the planning of emergency evacuation exercises, and the development of emergency plans.

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