You Shouldn’t Be Overwhelmed

For decades, our founders have faced the same unique challenges that you are facing now. We understand that the thought of implementing new processes, procedures, and protocols can seem overwhelming, not to mention the challenges of introducing changes to your organization.

Our team has been in that same position countless times, and quite frankly, it does not have to be that difficult. Our team of industry professionals can assist you to identify and implement solutions to best prepare your organization for disasters, while offering guidance and insight into change management.

Our Services

Don’t be fooled by the “Bait and Switch” tactics of some firms, where you are initially visited by professional who sell their services, and then once the contract is signed, you discover that your project has been assigned to inexperienced staff that never really served in your sector.
Our experienced Professionals work directly with you and your team, and remain active in your project, so that you may gain from their experiences and backgrounds.

Our Methodology

Identify the Problems

Identify the Problems

Lambda's range of integrated professional services, being vertically organized, offers a structured and controlled approach to construction project management, for the delivery of successful projects. We efficiently manage solutions during all stages of project development from inception to completion.

Conduct interviews

Conduct interviews

Lambda Facility Management, is a group specialized company in offering high level Facility Management and Energy optimization services. Lambda offers fully combined services from design to maintenance and operation, through state-of-the-art equipment and specialized staff.

Solicit feedback & Gain Approval

Solicit feedback & Gain Approval

Having foreseen the high demand for aggregates, concrete and asphalt mixes generated by new constructions and project maintenance well in advance, Lambdaentered this area of supporting activity early on, via its subsidiary Hellenic Quarries s.a.

Finalize Recommendations

Finalize Recommendations

The continuously increasing demand in minerals and metals by rapidly developing countries such as China, India and Russia and the perspective of exploiting the metal-rich territory of Greece and the greater Balkans' area led to Lambda's decision to enter the field of the mining industry.

Develop project schedule

Develop project schedule

Lambda, is offering integrated solutions in the areas of design, supply, construction and operation and maintenance of medium & large-scale Photovoltaic systems, acting as an EPC contractor, worldwide. Power projects of total capacity more than 100MWp are currently under construction.

Execute & Implement

Execute & Implement

Being a highly diversified international company, focused on Construction of mainly Infrastructure and Building projects, Lambda is enhancing nowadays its role by securing a sustainable future development through continuous improvement of services.


Years of combined CI/KR Management Experience


Years combined in Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource (CI/KR) Sectors


Years supporting Charities (donations and fundraiser volunteers)


  • CPP
  • FEMA
  • NYU School of Professional Studies
  • MEP
  • PCI
  • FBI Citizens Academy

Real Consequences

Organizations facing Preparedness or Response Scrutiny from regulators, government bodies, or shareholders can face unprecedented challenges, leading to investigations and audits. This scrutiny could be the result of poor performance due to:

  • Using ineffective and antiquated processes
  • Wasting valuable time money and resources
  • Organization leaving money on the table
  • Not capitalizing on available funds

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Our Promise

When requested to provide ‘boots on the ground’ support, it is not about billable hours, it is about serving you as our client. We guarantee to ‘right-size’ our response, and to only deploy the appropriate number of professionals that are needed to safely and efficiently support your emergency.

Following a disaster, 90% of smaller companies fail within a year unless they can resume operations within five (5) days. Meanwhile, 20% of larger companies spend over 10 days per month on their continuity plans.

Fema Note: The SBA has a comprehensive table of standards breaking down the acceptable sizes of small businesses by industry (and sub-industries). The definition of a small business ranges from between 250-1,500 employees.
Johann Clendinen

His ability to turn ideas into positive action that add value has been the hallmark I’ve observed in following his career in driving organizational restoration and recovery efforts. He is an impressive problem solver who is able to address complex issues with strategy and reflection.  His engagement assisted me in my role as Commissioner and Chairman emeritus of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Public Services Commission during hurricanes Irma and Maria.  In short order, Tony was instrumental in our Territory’s ability in working across multiple international and national teams in OCCUR, DHS/FEMA, NCC Watch, USACE, and the FCC.

JOHANN CLENDENIN Commissioner of the U.S. Virgin Islands Public Service Commission (PSC), and member of the NARUC Telecommunications and International Relations Committees
Richard S. Mroz

Tony Hurley has been a leader in the utility industry on emerging critical infrastructure protection issues. He has a wealth of experience in operations and emergency operations. I saw this firsthand as the President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities overseeing operations of Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L). As the new VP of Operations at JCPL Tony immediately took the helm of mandated projects to for new emergency management protocols. Besides meeting the projects milestones, his utility excelled at implementing the Incident Command System (ICS), planning and executing exercises and drills, and improving crisis communications capabilities. As a direct of his leadership, the company reduced restoration and storm recovery times, implemented enhanced hurricane and storm preparedness, and improved customer satisfaction.

RICK MROZ Chair of the NARUC Critical Infrastructure Committee
Jim Hogan

I have had the privilege of working with Donna since she implemented ISO 9001 at the metal processing facility where she was also the management representative. Her in-depth knowledge of both the ISO Standard requirements and the specific applicability to their company's internal requirements allowed for implementation of a system that met the standard and provided benefit to the company without burdening them with additional cost. Over time, the system she designed reduced scrap and increased customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Donna for her knowledge, drive and professionalism.

JIM HOGAN President, JTH Consulting Group Inc.
Diane Hill

Donna was the first person to welcome me into my new neighborhood.  Since I have known her I've seen firsthand her dedication to helping and serving others in many different ways.  She has volunteered at a program for special needs adults, as well as helped a family that had a family member (young woman) with cerebral palsy.  She recently planned a fundraiser for two young ladies to help expand their day program, including donations, entertainment, and a great outdoor venue.  Donna has a tireless spirit, as well as a caring and generous heart, stepping in to help wherever she sees a need.

Diane Hill veteran, retired R.N., and mother of a special needs adult

Our Team

Donna Hurley CEO / Co-Founder

Donna Hurley has 29 years of administrative and management experience working for manufacturers which were small businesses. To meet client expectations, Donna supported the design and implementation of ISO-9001, which included the writing of all ISO-compliant procedures and employee training material, and the training of employees. She was responsible for internal ISO audits, and interfacing with

Dionne Beckner Healthcare Consultant

Dionne Beckner has 20 in the healthcare industry, with 15 of those years in management where she has served in various Manager and Director-level positions. She has an extensive background in operations, admissions, materials management, inventory controls, purchasing, training, compliance, shipping & receiving, environmental services, billing and accounts payable. In her management roles, she has also

Anthony Hurley Senior Consultant

Anthony Hurley has 42 years of experience working in the utility / critical infrastructure sector, and specializes in operations, emergency management, business continuity and physical security. He celebrated 37 years with a Fortune 200 corporation, serving in management roles for five (5) of their electric utilities across three states (OH, PA and NJ).  He retired in

You Can Be Confident and Prepared for ANY Emergency.

Organizations need the peace of mind to know that their organizations are prepared for whatever crisis they may have to face, whether natural, man-made, or malevolent. They must have the confidence to know that not only have they implemented new procedures built upon best practices, but that they have met the commitment to train their staff with a series of workshops, drills, and exercises.

No matter what is thrown at them, your organization must be prepared to safely and efficiently manage the event, saving time, money, and resources. Most importantly though, they must be serving their clients, and their communities when they are needed most.